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Derivan AntiCrib anti-cribbing paint


It started with an interest in horses…

One of our sales representatives brought something that concerned her to our attention. She is an avid horse fan and noticed that some of the horses at her stud farm were destroying the posts and palings of fences by demonstrating a behavior known as “cribbing”.

Cribbing refers to the process whereby horses gnaw or chew repeatedly on fences, slowly causing extensive damage to the wood and increasing the risk of potential health problems in your animals, such as stomach ulcers and tooth erosion. The reasons behind cribbing are not fully understood, but suggested triggers include boredom, stress and digestive problems. It can easily lead to costly repairs and ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

So…, our sales representative came to us with the idea of creating a paint for fence posts, palings, trees and stables that would discourage this behavior. Of course, being the horse lover that she is, she also wanted it to be harmless to the horse and other animals, as well as long lasting and easy to apply. As Derivan has a strong commitment to sustainability and green issues, we also felt that it had to be environmentally friendly and non hazardous.

 After much testing and development, we are proud to offer Derivan AntiCrib, anti-cribbing paint, as a premium paint solution that protects your fencing by discouraging the development of cribbing behavior in your horses.

Derivan AntiCrib, anti-cribbing paint is an environment preferable product and, of course, horse and human friendly!